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You’re on a long road trip and you stop by to grab a quick bite. To your dismay, when you return you find that you’ve unknowingly left your keys locked in the car! If you’ve got a spare on you, then this might not seem like a big deal, but what happens if you don’t? Should you call a towing service? Should you smash the window and gain access? Amber Locksmith Store can give you a better, quicker and more inexpensive option. We are recognized as a 24-hour locksmith in Phoenix, AZ that provides exemplary emergency locksmith services to homes, offices and vehicles and are known for our timeliness, quality of service and affordable rates.

Keys locked in car? Here’s what you should do:

  • Stay calm and composedAmber Locksmith Store Phoenix, AZ 480-612-9211
  • Check if you’ve got the spare keys on you
  • Check for any doors you might have left unlocked
  • Do not leave your vehicle’s side until help arrives
  • Don’t attempt any DIY hacks to open the lock
  • Do not attempt to gain forced entry
  • Call Amber Locksmith Store for help
  • Patiently wait for 15-20 minutes for help to arrive

Why Amber Locksmith Store?

Because we understand how stressful it is when your find your keys locked in car and access to your car taken away. We also know that if it happens in a deserted parking lot or in a remote inaccessible area, it can be quite precarious. This is why we go out of our way to be there for you when no one else is. Amber Locksmith Store functions as 24-hour service agency and can get you out of any car lockout situation in no time. We’re famed for:

  • 24/7 service throughout Phoenix, AZ area
  • Mobile locksmith vans for on-the-spot assistance
  • Emergency auto locksmith response team
  • Fastest response to car lockout calls
  • Full inventory of modern car unlock tools
  • Zero extra charges for after-hours service
  • Transparent pricing


How we do it?

When it comes to unlocking car doors, there are multiple ways you can get it done – but getting it done in the least damaging and non-intrusive way is what matters. That’s what our auto locksmiths can do! From unlocking car doors to retrieving keys locked in car trunk, our technicians are adept at using the most refined techniques and the finest tools in getting the job done with zero damage. You don’t have to get expensive key replacements or implement other imprudent measures to regain access to your car. Our technicians can pop a lock open quickly, retrieve the keys, fix any minimal damages incurred and help you get back on your way.

Locked your keys in the car? Fret not! Simply call Amber Locksmith Store for help!